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If you have a project that you need to start, think you need my help with something? I can help you.
Hey there
I am discovering ways to use Machine Learning (ML) in order to solve problems faced by organizations due to a shortage of skilled workers across fields such as Oil & Gas, Railways, Mining and other heavy industries.
ML can automate engineering and project management tasks that would otherwise be done manually with more human touch we are able achieve better efficiency through automation for these companies so they may focus on the high-level decision making processes.
Over the past seven years, I have been primarily using/developing ML | DL algorithm to solve this problem; my objective is to develop software that will allow engineers who do not possess specific design skills but wish to be able to create without specialized training whatsoever.
Welcome to my Wiki! A series of learnings that will help in a collaborative learning experience.
Enjoy mine Wiki!
Harish B.
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